Hello Everybody, I am Kee Lim, a freelance writer, teacher and author. For a tutor with many students teaching can get tough and preparing those tuition assignments tougher as this is quite a cumbersome task.

I might sound a bit tired, but this is what I personally feel as for past 5 years I have been preparing tuition assignments going all sleep deprived. Being a tutor, its my duty to provide students with ample of practice work and for this I used to spend at least 3 days daily and believe me it somewhat make me rethink whether this is what I plan to do for coming few years.

Kee Lim

Then I came to know about this concept of online tuition agencies that provide tuition assignments to tutors and after knowing this I gained back my lost interest and was happy to continue teaching. I have been registered with one of the most reputed online tuition agencies Singapore and now I get the assignments on time and all that I need to do is sit with my students and make them solve the questions.

Now I am able to give personalized attention to each student, keep a track of my goals and teach with confidence. I get these assignments in advance and thus I get a chance to prepare for the next day’s coaching. The content is according to the latest syllabus and the assignments are prepared by experts thus it has become easy to teach with relevant material meeting the time goals perfectly.