Schools in Singapore

Are you planning to shift to Singapore with your school going kids? If yes, do remember to search for a suitable school in time before your arrival on the beautiful island. The education system in Singapore is one among the world’s best systems. There are state owned as well as private owned and international schools that cater to the different objectives and needs of the students and the people living in Singapore. While choosing the one best suitable for your child, there are certain factors one must pay attention to:

A primary school teacher in Singapore gets her pupils to line up on the first day of the school term

1) Choice of environment: If you want your child to continue study in the similar culture as it was in the home country, you should look for an international school following the pattern of your native place. It will help the student with familiar study materials in the new place and shall also be a boon on your return to your original country. On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who want their child to learn about different cultures, know global standards and acquire local knowledge with a foresight to help them emerge as a strong, amicable and flexible personality, you may like them to join a local school. It will not only enhance their local knowledge but also help them adjust in the new environment quickly and make new local friends.

2) Funding/ fee concern: The state owned schools get funding from the Ministry of Education thus keeping the expanses liability to minimal. However, the private as well as international schools do not get any such assistance and thus they charge a hefty amount as the tuition fee.


3) Distance from your residence: The normal practice is to find a school at a nearby location so that the time and resources spent on travelling to and from the school can be saved.

4) Support system in the school: It is a very important criterion that decides how soon and how effectively your child can adjust in the new environment.

Though the entire education system is very effective in making the students globally competitive, some of the best schools in Singapore include Australian International School, Canadian International School, Hillside World Academy, German European School.