How to Get Good Score

For all the aspirants who wish to make their career in the field of commerce and economics, (POA) is an important subject. Not only for clearing the exams but in practical applications also, POA plays a very significant role. Any student, whether he is looking forward to a future in management, banking, finance or economics, must have proper knowledge about the basics of Accounting and the Principles of Accounting. Although students generally consider it difficult and non scoring subject, if one follows the below stated methodology one can surely get good grades and knowledge of this field.

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• Understand the objectives: One must know what the objectives of this subject are and why it has become a part of the curriculum. Also the professors usually inform about the pre set standards and patterns one needs to follow while answering any questions. A proper understanding of these standards and patterns help one prepare while seeking information according to these parameters.

• Disciplined approach: Discipline is necessary for any learning. One must act as one’s own teacher and guide oneself through proper motivation, understanding and revising the course material.

• Start from the start: One who wants to score good in POA must start from the beginning of the session. It is certainly not a child’s play and one need to constantly put efforts towards the goal. If you start reading and revising from the first day itself, you will get enough time to learn every topic whereas if you start late, the accumulated syllabus might appear like an iceberg and even the topics taught in class can appear indifferent.

• Classroom learning: If you get the facility to attend classes, utilize it best. Not only will you get a simplified explanation over there but also can seek solutions of any doubts arose during self study.


• Active participation: While in class, take proper notes and actively participate in the discussions. It has been proved that what you explain to others tends to stay longer in your memory. Adequate notes serve as a good reference.

• Study in groups: Studying together motivates learning and discussion. Multiple reading, revising, notes preparation, assignment preparation, notes exchange with friends are some great tools that effectively result in better learning leading to good scores.